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Welcome to Canoga Park ELementary School


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Single Track 2017-2018 Calendar

Click here to see the 2017-2018 School Calendar

Calendar of Events

Today: 12/14/17

School Information

In addition to Kindergarten - 5th grade classes, we also have an Early Transitional Kindergarten class (ETK) and a Transitional Kindergarten class (TK).



7438 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Canoga Park, CA 91303



(818) 340-3591



(818) 592-0845




Daily News 100 Year Celebration Article

Daily News 100 Year Celebration Article

Click here to read the complete article.

First Reporting period award winners

Natural history mobile museum

Reading is Fundamental with Sierra Canyon School Buddies 11-30-17

congratulations on being selected as a practioner 2.0 school


Halloween parade October 2017

Fall festival October 2017

Rainbow Pack August 17,2017

Family Night: May 4, 2017

Career Day: February 2017

Fall Math Wizard Winners!

LAs Best Science Fair

Holiday Program

AR Parade

Pillars of Character Assembly

Students in Canoga Park Elementary School paid tribute to our nation’s heroes in a Veteran's Day ceremony.   

Halloween Parade

Dodgers Game

The Los Angeles Dodgers donated tickets to the students and families of Canoga Park Elementary School. 

LAUSD School Police Thanksgiving Giveaway

LAUSD police officers give away turkey and fixings to families at Canoga Park Elementary School in Canoga Park Thursday, November 21, 2013. The LAUSD police will deliver food to 200 families district wide over the next few days.  Click here to visit the Daily News article.

Canoga Park Elementary Historical Photos

Children planting a garden at Owensmouth School (circa 1911-1914)..jpg Children outside Janss Investment Company.  This is where the first school classes were held (circa 1911-1914)..jpg View of Topanga Canyon Boulevard in 1911..jpg Four buildings in Canoga Park (formerly called Owensmouth, 1914).jpg A person walking through the snow in Owensmouth in 1915..jpg Owensmouth Grammar School was built in 1913.  Owensmouth High School held classes on the second floor..jpg Aerial view of farms and fields in  Owensmouth (1920s)..jpg Sherman Way divided by railroad tracks in downtown Owensmouth (1920s)..jpg View of the intersection of Owensmouth and Sherman Way (1920s)..jpg Girard News Newspaper advertising the opportunities available in Owensmouth (1924)..jpg Canoga Sunkist citrus crate label, circa 1928..jpg Independent Grocery on Sherman Way in Owensmouth (1929)..jpg Front of Postcard of Owensmouth Grammar School..jpg Back of Postcard of Owensmouth Grammar School (Postmark May 10, 1932)..jpg Canoga Park Elementary School today..JPG
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Canoga Park Elementary 100 Year Celebration In the Daily News

The 100th Year Celebration of Canoga Park Elementary School was covered by the Daily News!  Click here to read the article.  Click here to see photos of the event from the Daily News.

Daily News Slideshow

Canoga Park Students Admire the Cake. Fourth Grade Students Perform the Hustle. Kindergarten Students Perform a Folk Dance. Mr. Diaz's Class Performs I Love You California. Mr. Diaz's Sings Performs I Love You California. Mr. Ormond's Class Performs a Sqaure Dance. Mr. Ormond's Class Recites the Pledge of Allegiance. Mrs. Del Pino Welcomes the Crowd. Mrs. Gonzalez's Class Performs El Jarabe Tapatio. Mrs. Gonzalez's Students Prepare to Perform. Mrs. Gonzalez's Students Wait to Perform.
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100 Year Celebration Photos

IMG_4215.jpg IMG_4220.jpg IMG_4225.jpg IMG_4226.jpg IMG_4227.jpg IMG_4229.jpg IMG_4230.jpg IMG_4232.jpg IMG_4234.jpg IMG_4236.jpg IMG_4237.jpg IMG_4242.jpg IMG_4245.jpg IMG_4248.jpg IMG_4255.jpg IMG_4256.jpg IMG_4258.jpg IMG_4266.jpg IMG_4269.jpg IMG_4274.jpg IMG_4488.jpg IMG_4496.jpg IMG_4499.jpg IMG_4502.jpg IMG_4509.jpg IMG_4278.jpg IMG_4287.jpg IMG_4294.jpg IMG_4296.jpg IMG_4300.jpg IMG_4303.jpg IMG_4306.jpg IMG_4314.jpg IMG_4323.jpg IMG_4325.jpg IMG_4335.jpg IMG_4337.jpg IMG_4338.jpg IMG_4342.jpg IMG_4348.jpg IMG_4359.jpg IMG_4361.jpg IMG_4370.jpg IMG_4388.jpg IMG_4399.jpg IMG_4411.jpg IMG_4413.jpg IMG_4424.jpg IMG_4425.jpg IMG_4442.jpg IMG_4458.jpg IMG_4466.jpg IMG_4468.jpg IMG_4473.jpg IMG_4474.jpg

Family Night: May 4, 2017

Translation - Traduccion

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School Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

7:56 a.m. - 2:24 p.m.



7:56 a.m. - 1:24 p.m.



School Murals

A Chumash Family Columbus in America Edison and Latimer Invent Farm Labor Reform Happy 100th Birthday Main Entrance Marines Raise Old Glory Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana Sacajawea Helps Lewis & Clark Signing the Constitution Sinking the Lusitania Means War Surrender at Appomattox The First Man on the Moon The Information Age The Gold Rush The Making of a Nation The Trail of Tears The Transcontinental Railroad The Underground Railroad The War of 1812 Women's Suffrage Child Labor Reform The First Thanksgiving
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Visitor Policy/Poliza de Visitantes

All Visitors to our campus must check in at the main office.

Todos los visitantes deben registrarse en la oficina.

Click here  to see the entire Visitor Policy -- Para ver la póliza entera, haz click aquí.